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We help organisations enrich existing web sites and business applications, enhance portals and let them customize the way that data is visualized. QlikView can unlock data trapped in multiple sources, integrate with and benefit from existing corporate applications and security systems which all contribute to reduced systems management time and enhanced productivity.

QlikView embedded inside SalesForce.com

B EYE can help you integrate QlikView applications directly within the Salesforce.com user interface, providing powerful analytics capability directly within a Salesforce.com deployment. Single sign-on (SSO) will deliver a simple and powerful way for your SalesForce users to access analytics and gain insights in their data while traveling and without the need to switch between several applications.
QlikView Salesforce

QlikView Salesforce

Data Source Integration

One of the key tenets of QlikView is that it can import data from a wide range of structured and unstructured sources and find common associations between them. Our team brings in years of experience integrating all types of data soruces into valuable business applications. Besides being experts with standard ODBC/OLEDB connections and existing custom connectors (like the SalesForce connector and the SAP connector), we build our own custom connectors where the case requires it.

QlikView Data Exchange

It’s common for data to be be stored in a location that is not reachable via ODBC/OLE, such as web service, or is in a format only accessible by a particular application such as Informatica or an OLAP source. The B EYE team offers a way to unlock this trapped data by using QlikView Data Exchange, also known as QVX.

Meta Data

We have a unique approach to metadata, moving away from the monolithic metadata repositories of the traditional BI solutions and using a streamlined, value-added collective of the most useful metadata for developers, designers, administrators and end users of QlikView.

Web Integration

QlikView Sharepoint

QlikView Sharepoint

Although in many typical deployments of QlikView, users analyze data in isolation via a web browser, other common deployments of QlikView see QlikView visualizations and objects consumed by web sites and other applications, enhancing the ability of business users to make decisions while at the same time using other key applications and services in one environment. The B EYE team helps organizations create such multi-purpose environments. Our clients benefit from our expertise in integrating QlikView with MS Sharepoint, integrating QliView in web sites using the QlikView Workbench product or simple iFrame containers.

Custom Visualizations in QlikView

QlikView provides a range of visualization objects out of the box, but there are many cases where clients want a customized way of displaying their data or displaying content from another system. Some examples include maps, Gantt charts, or domain specific visualizations. Because of our business-driven and customer centric approach, we take such requirements seriously and bring the desired result through the use of Extension Objects that allows us to develop our own ways of visualizing data while still making use of the powerful associative data engine in QlikView.

Security Integration

Security is a critical element of any enterprise software deployment. Systems need to be manageable by IT professionals and need to conform to existing IT security standards and nfrastructure. We are able to integrate QlikView with a series of standard security systems to authenticate and authorize users including Single Sign On (SSO) systems, Active Directory, other LDAP’s and
so on, allowing for integration with existing web site and portal security.