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The wide experience and deep expertise of the B EYE team, the perfectionism and sharp focus to the detail that we bring into every project, help Qlik consultancy companies and Qlik partners benefit from improved flexibility, great product quality and cost efficiency. Our professionals are involved throughout the whole BI software life-cycle – from building the foundations and architecture of the environment, through application requirement gathering, design, development, testing, implementation and support.
B EYE offers flexible outsourcing and support models to serve the diverse needs of our clients. We leverage our global delivery capability to offer services “on-site” at the client’s premises or “off-site” at our software development facility in Sofia, Bulgaria.

QlikView Outsourcing

Outsourcing approaches

Incremental Outsourcing
Our customers can divide the work into small, more manageable projects that they outsource to us. Managers at the client organization therefore have well defined deliverables, programs that work under an umbrella contract with associated schedules. The location of the work is determined on a project by project basis.
Total Outsourcing
In this case, multiple projects at the customers are outsourced to us, which also takes on the end-to-end program management and delivery on behalf of the client. B EYE takes on the project, module or program from you, deploys a small team onsite or offsite that works with the client managers and teams until successful delivery.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our SLAs define minimum level of service to be provided and it is objective and measurable. To ensure high quality of service the SLA has the following parameters included:
On time delivery On time delivery
Dates agreed from the outset on all major deliverables with all efforts to ensure they are met. Change control processes is also defined if these dates need to be moved.
Client Satisfaction Client Satisfaction
Periodic surveys conducted by you and organized by us to make sure that the service provided by B EYE is satisfactory to you.
Effectiveness Effectiveness
Effectiveness metrics that focus on operations excellence when our teams are interacting and working together.
Volume of Work Volume of Work
The amount of work defined as number of allocated resources, a fixed-price (with a number of deliverables) or based on man-hours approach.
Sensitivity Sensitivity
Sensitivity measures the amount of time required for an outsource company to handle a request (like change request).
Availability Availability
The SLA defines our service availability to meet your specific business needs.